We will deliver anywhere within the lower 48 continental United States. We utilize 3rd party carrier logistics freight companies to deliver our trailers. Trailers can be shipped to residential or commercial locations. 

How it Works

Simply choose the "custom quote" delivery option at checkout. Payment details will be collected at checkout for product(s) added to cart as well as any taxes. Payment method will not be charged until we "Authorize" the payment on our end which we will only do once shipping costs have been agreed upon.

We will contact our logistics partners to receive a quote for delivery of your trailer(s) to the location indicated as "Shipping Address" during checkout. Once we have received a quote for delivery we will edit your order in our system with the shipping/delivery quote. Doing this will send an invoice with the price difference for shipping indicated. Once you receive the invoice you may either:

  • Pay the invoice. This is you essentially agreeing to the shipping quote we have provided. Once you pay (authorize) the invoice we will then charge the payment method(s) provided for the full order amount (Initial purchase + shipping fee).
  • Do not pay the invoice. If the shipping fee invoice is not paid within 7 days of the initial order day the order will be canceled and your payment method will not be charged.

In other words, complete your initial checkout normally while selecting the "custom quote" option for shipping. We will get quotes for shipping. Once we receive the quotes and update your order you will be notified of the price change and pending balance. If you agree to the shipping fee then pay the invoice. Your payment method(s) will then be charged. If you do not want to pay the additional shipping fee then you can ignore the invoice and the order will be canceled within 7 days of the Original order date. Your payment methods will not be charged if you do not pay the shipping fee invoice.

The Why

When you complete your initial checkout, we have a 7 day authorization hold on your payment method. We do not automatically charge your payment method...we just have an authorization hold. If you agree to the additional shipping costs within 7 days then we will charge your payment method.

If you do not agree to the additional shipping costs we can cancel the order for free for everyone. If we initially charged your payment method at checkout, and then you decided you didn't want to pay the additional shipping fees, we would obviously cancel/refund your order...BUT...we still have to pay the CC processing fee. On our average cart order those fees can be a few hundred dollars...per order. We do not want to pay those fees if we do not have to. Fulfilling 3rd Party Shipping for these products in this way allows us to offer shipping while avoiding incurring unnecessary fees to all parties.

If you have any other questions or would like to speak with someone about out-of-town (DFW) shipping before you place an order please feel free to Contact Us.